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Our Terms and Conditions

- Only individuals aged 18 or older may participate in this game.
- This game is in no way associated with – nor sponsored by – Apple or Google.

Scratch It
In Scratch It, the object is to find three identical amounts/symbols. These amounts/symbols make up the total winnings of the Game. You can only play Scratch It ONCE a day on your own. However, if you team up with your WHOSSA friends, you can play up to THREE additional rounds of the Game per day. If you play with a Whossa friend, you each scratch half of the ticket and share any winnings equally, regardless of who scratched what.

Sponsor Game
In the Sponsor Game, the object is to find three identical amounts/symbols. These amounts/symbols make up the total winnings of the Game. In our Sponsor Games, you can win cash or a sponsored product. The products vary depending who is sponsoring the Game.

Lucky Spin, Bonus Spin, Bonus Bubble, LUCKY 3, LUCKY 100.
Once you’ve done all you can in Whossa and have finished your games, the Lucky Spin is activated. In the Lucky Spin, you can win Lucky Coins – the more, the better! You can only play the Lucky Spin ONCE a day. You can also win Lucky Coins in the Bonus Spin that may appear in the various games. Occasionally, you may uncover a Bonus Bubble with Lucky Coins in a game.
If you’re really lucky, you’ll make it onto the LUCKY 100, listing the top 100 players of the week. The luckiest player of the week, i.e. the one who collects the most Lucky Coins, wins first prize.
If multiple players have the same number of Lucky Coins, the ranking is based on who collected them first. However, you will share your common winnings (example: You and Bob47 each collect 197 Lucky Coins and are ranked 1st and 2nd on the Lucky Chart, respectively. You then share the prize money for first and second place). When the LUCKY 100 is full, i.e. when 100 players are listed, you have to earn more Lucky Coins than someone already on the LUCKY 100 to knock someone off the list.
Each day, you have the chance to become the LUCKY 3 winner. It works the same way as the LUCKY 100, but with 3 daily winners.

Whossa General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to participation in Whossa’s ad-supported lottery from 1 September 2021.

Background and description of the product.

Whossa is an ad-supported lottery (the “Lottery”) that is free to the user and where prizes are paid by our advertisers and sponsors.
In Whossa, you will encounter ads in different formats, and they will sometimes appear across the screen.


The Organiser of the Lottery is:
Whossa AB (co. reg. no. 559199-2580)
Address: Sankt Paulsgatan 28B
118 48 Stockholm
(the “Organiser”)

By participating in the Lottery, the participant confirms that they have reviewed and accept these Terms and Conditions.

Who can participate in the Lottery
Only natural persons who meet the following conditions may participate in the Lottery and receive any prizes:

- Is at least 18 years of age.
- Are registered in, and have a bank account in the country you choose to play the Lottery in. Winnings can only be paid to a bank account in the country you have chosen.
- Does not have a trustee as defined in the Children and Parents Code.
- Have only ONE registered member account in the Lottery.

In the event of winnings, the above conditions for participation in the Lottery will be checked and any winnings will only be paid if all such conditions are met.

Prize scheme
Prize scheme for the period 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022:

Game price: Free
Prize group: See in the Whossa app

Number of games: Dynamic (depends on the number of participants).

Lottery licensing and supervision
Participation in the Lottery does not require the payment of a stake. The Lottery is therefore not subject to the Lottery Act and no gaming license is required.

Games in Whossa
Each participant has one game in the Lottery per day. Your daily game is available in the app every day. By participating, you agree to Whossa contacting you for feedback.

Friend Games
By inviting or being invited by friends who are also participating in the Lottery, you can access a maximum of 3 so-called "Friend Games" per day. These games are played together with your “Friend”, and any winnings are shared equally between you. You can also text each other if you maintain a good tone.

The Organiser keeps track of your winnings and will always notify you via the contact details you have provided if you have won. Any winnings will be paid as soon as the Organiser has been able to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria for the Lottery. The Player is responsible for ensuring that the contact details provided to the Organiser are correct and valid. If the Organiser is not able to contact the participant for payout of any winnings within 6 months of the prize date, any winnings will be forfeited. Winnings in the Lottery are personal and non-transferable.

You can end your participation in the Lottery at any time by not playing your daily game or by uninstalling the app.

Processing of personal data
In order to fulfil contractual obligations towards you as a participant in the Lottery, the personal data that you have voluntarily provided to the Organiser, such as personal identity number, name, address and email address, will be processed. The Organiser is the data controller for the processing of the data you provide in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018. If you have not provided a personal identity number, the Organiser may obtain the personal identity number from a third-party provider in order to ensure that you are of legal age, that the correct civil registration address has been provided, and to check the number of accounts per user, up to a maximum of one account per person.
By registering as a participant in the Lottery, you consent to the Organiser processing your personal data for the purposes of fulfilling its obligations to you in relation to the payout of winnings and other administrative matters, such as contacting you to notify you of any winnings. Furthermore, you agree that such personal data may be used for the administration, information and marketing of the Organiser’s services and editorial compilations, such as public announcements of Lottery winnings.
The Organiser maintains a register for our participants, and you consent to the recording of data on your username, email and payment details as well as profiling based on address and use of digital services in this register.

Marketing of the Lottery can be done to you via e.g. text message and email. If you do not wish to receive this marketing, please contact the Organiser’s customer service team at Your data will be stored for a maximum of twelve months after the end of the customer relationship, unless there are legal requirements for further storage, such as the Bookkeeping Act. If you do not want your data to remain on file, you can notify the Organiser by email at and request that the data be removed. You have the opportunity to receive information about the Organiser’s processing of your data free of charge once per calendar year. A written signed request for such information should be sent to:

Whossa AB
ATTN: Data Protection Officer
Sankt Paulsgatan 28B
118 48 Stockholm

You also have the right to request that Whossa rectify, block or erase any personal data that is inaccurate or not processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204). Requests for rectification should be sent to Customer Service at the above address.

Use of participant’s name and image
By participating in the Lottery, you consent to the use of your name and image (if any) in the marketing of the Lottery, for example online and via email, but also in other channels and in connection with the announcement of any prizes.

In case of complaints and other questions
Contact the Organiser’s customer service at if you have any complaints or questions.

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint, you can contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden, ARN) and request a recommendation on how the Board believes the dispute should be resolved. The National Board for Consumer Disputes is a board for alternative dispute resolution.

Tax on winnings
Any tax on winnings will be paid by the winner.

Failed and interrupted Games
We make every effort to avoid technical failures, but this is not always possible. The following applies in case of technical failure:
We and/or our suppliers are not responsible for any downtime, server malfunctions, lagging or any technical or political disruptions to game time. We and/or our suppliers shall not be liable for any damages or losses deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with the use of the App or its content, including and without limitation to:
Delays or interruptions in operation or transmission.
Loss or corruption of data.
Communication or network failure.
Misuse of the website or its content.
Errors or omissions in the content.

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that our computer system enables you to participate in a Game. If a Game is interrupted due to a telecommunications system failure or a computer crash, the Game will resume exactly where you were before the interruption occurred. If it proves impossible to resume the Game, the last one we have recorded on our servers will apply. If a telecommunications failure occurs in connection with stopping the Lucky Spin, a random number generator on our server will automatically stop the Lucky Spin for you and ensure that the Lucky Coins you have won are added correctly.

Any disputes between participants in the Lottery and the Organizer shall be decided by the Stockholm District Court in the first instance according to Swedish law. Whossa! does not tolerate offensive language in usernames and messages. Offensive expression results in immediate shutdown. All attempts at fraud in any form against the Organizer / Lottery will be reported to the police and result in immediate suspension.

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