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Play and chat with friends!

More friends means more chances to win! Invite your friends to play via Whossa, Facebook or text. You can even chat with your friends right in the app.


Lucky winner of the day or week!

The Lucky Spin starts after you’ve finished your daily games. This is where you win Lucky Coins and earn a ranking on the daily LUCKY 3 and weekly LUCKY 100.


Lightning fast cash payouts!

Yay! You’re a Winner! Your winnings are paid out instantly and the money will in your account within a minute.


Take a chance to win our Jackpot!

If you manage to scratch three golden Ws, you are one of our Jackpot winners. It grows steadily every day and can be as big as you like.


Create an account

in no time!

Playing Whossa couldn't be easier than this. All you need is your email, a nice username and a clever password. Then you're good to go.


Welcome to Whossa, the world's friendliest free game with absolutely no losers!


Just one rule (almost)

If we had our way, there would be only one little rule... Whossa should always be absolutely free! And that's already decided. Whossa is the place where you win real money for free. You never have to pay a penny.

But then again, we do need a few more rules and conditions to make sure everything is as fair and correct as possible. And yes, of course we have a list of those too.

Click on the orderly bear to read them!

Nya björnen_edited.png

Any questions?

We think it's easy with Whossa. Crystal clear. No fuss. But of course there are some things you might still wonder about - what size shoes does Whossa wear, does Whossa like to go to the cinema - that sort of thing.

That's why we've compiled all the questions that might come up in a small list, and for the sake of simplicity we've added an answer to each question.

Smart huh?!

Click on the clever little owl and he'll make sure you get your facts right!


What is Whossa?

Whossa is for all of us who dream. For all of us who like new, cool stuff, and for all of us who dare to try things we haven't done before, without any hesitation whatsoever.

Whossa is also for all of us who like to win, but at the same time don't want anyone to lose. For all we care, the whole planet can be a winner, and when we play Whossa, that's just the way it is. Everyone wins, and no one loses.

Yes, that's who we are, we who are part of Whossa.
Real beauties, plain and simple.

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